Tour Planner Pro - Elevate Your Touring Experience

Discover the ultimate solution for seamless tour planning and routing with BandBuddy.AI's Tour Planner Pro. Our AI-powered platform offers an extensive database of live venues and festivals, as well as invaluable information about each city you'll be performing in. From comic book stores and restaur

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Ghostwriter Pro - Unleash Your Songwriting Creativity

Unlock your songwriting potential with BandBuddy.AI's Ghost Writer Pro. Our AI-powered suite of tools is designed to inspire creativity and help you overcome writer's block. Explore a range of innovative features, including a song topic generator, word rhymer, alternate wording generator, song title

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Music Marketer Pro - AI-Driven Solutions for the Modern Musician

Elevate your band's online presence with Music Marketer Pro, our AI-powered marketing toolkit tailored for musicians. Harness a range of cutting-edge features, including Social Media Post Generator, YouTube Content Generator, TikTok Idea Generator, and Music Biz Email Generator. Music Marketer Pro e

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EPK Builder Pro - Elevate Your Band's Profile

Unlock your band's potential with BandBuddy.AI's EPK Builder Pro. This advanced AI-powered tool is designed to streamline the creation of your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), enabling you to leave a striking impression on event organizers, managers, and potential endorsers. With EPK Builder Pro, you can

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Artist Analytic Pro - Track Your Music's Performance Metrics

Empower your music career with Artist Analytics Pro, the ultimate tool for tracking and analyzing your song's performance across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Gain deep insights and actionable data to optimize your promotional strategies and maximize your reach. With features lik

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Marlow - The Ultimate AI Assistant for Musicians

Unleash the power of AI with BandBuddy's Marlow. Built on the advanced GPT-4 model, Marlow is your all-encompassing AI assistant, ready to help with any question or task you throw its way. Need help with tour routing? It's on it. Struggling with chord progressions in your song? Marlow's got you cove

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